Boy or boy, where do I start?

Well, it has been a long interesting month that is for sure. We have been busy getting ready for our trip to Florida, Wally turned 7 months (still cannot believe it)! 😍😍 And we have been dealing with an unexpected ear infection. 😭😭 A couple of weeks ago Wally became really irritable, whiney, pulling on his ears, just all around uncomfortable. For the first couple of days I chalked it up to teething. I was so hoping it was just teething. Ear infections are rough for any child, but for Wally and his sensitive stomach, the antibiotic just tears him up :(. But unfortunately on the fifth day, the symptoms had not gotten any better. So it was off to the doctors we went. Diagnosis-ear infection :(. I was so bummed out because it had only been exactly one month since his last double ear infection! (We are going to be talking to his doctor about having his blood work drawn more often to check for neutropenia.) We started the dreaded antibiotic (which gives him such bad diarrhea), and he slowly but surely got better. It’s funny because even though in pain and not feeling well, Wally’s personality comes out more and more every day. He never fails to make anyone who comes across him laugh and smile! He truly lights up our life.

On top of the ear infection he is also teething! When you are pregnant, everybody always has their two cents on what to do, what not to do, what to expect, but why in the heck does no one prepare you for the monster that is the teething monster!!👹 I mean my goodness, it is terrible! Grumpy, drooling, biting, chewing, just all around miserable. Add on the ear infection and lets just say it has been a long two weeks haha. But he’s getting stronger! He holds himself up so well now! Still is not sitting up on his own, but we know that will come with time. I must admit we haven’t been very diligent on the solids. Mainly because he has been such a mess I dreaded causing a belly ache on top of everything else he has/had going on. Although, he has showed more interest in what we are eating! And loved chewing on a waffle fry haha. But I am going to make it my mission to start being more consistent when we return from our trip!

Speaking of trip, can I just say, packing for yourself is one thing, but packing for a 7 month old, a medically fragile one at that, is down right exhausting. I have been so anxious getting ready for this trip, I have to remind myself to breathe most days. I just have been so afraid that I am going to forget something that requires Wally to survive and be well. This includes his medicines and feeding supplies. But I made a ton of lists! And that has helped tremendously! For all of you reading that don’t know, we are attending the Barth Conference in Clearwater Beach Florida! It will consist of other physicians and families who also have sons living with Barth Syndrome. We are so unbelievably excited to meet these wonderful people and were hoping to find out as much information as we can! I must say though, I am nervous how this trip is going to go. We are flying, and with Wally just getting over an ear infection I worry about his ears popping! Not to mention the anxiety being away from home and his routine! The thing with Wally is, he is so darn particular. From how he sleeps, to where he sleeps, to everything in between! I am hoping since we will be so busy and there will be a ton of people he will love the attention and go with the flow. From my lips to God’s ears! 😉

Thank you all for continuing to follow our journey. Wish us luck and pray for safe travels! ✈️✈️


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